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IIT Coaching in Bhopal, Mitesh Rathi Classes

The teaching methodology employed in Mitesh Rathi Classes is excellent, finishes syllabus in time with proper academic planning and covers all the topics of IIT JEE and School syllabus too. Study Hours, Self study  & Revision classes gives additional advantage for the students in Mitesh Rathi Classes.  IPC (IIT premium ……..) batch & assignments are additional boosters for toppers.

CRQ (Class Room Questions) includes Board Level Questions followed by IIT -JEE Main & Advance questions.  Package consists of Board level questions with answers making students easy for all school exams.

The test series conducted by Mitesh Rathi Classes is awesome and unique. It is apt for board level examination (BLTS) followed by IIT JEE-Main and Advance pattern. So Mitesh Rathi Classes is the best option in Bhopal.

Daily Test practice helps to get perfection of the running topic in the institute.  Daily Test helps to learn better, quicker & grasp on what one has learnt.
Student can clear their doubts on daily basis after the completion of class. Extra classes are conducted for clearing the remaining doubts.

Faculty of Mitesh Rathi Classes are very experienced & focused towards achieving the goal by providing planned, systematic & time bounded coaching. MRC faculty knows the art of creating performer in students by continuous encouragement.

In Mitesh Rathi Classes all the topics are covered efficiently. It includes Board level  along with IIT-JEE Main & Advanced.

In Mitesh Rathi Classes, first Board level teaching will be taught followed by  JEE-Main & Advanced level. Also an exhaustive & well prepared printed material for Board level as well as JEE Main & Advanced will be provided to the students which helps student a lot.

The teaching pattern is well designed, well planned, and systematic & time bounded creates interest amongst the students. The way of teaching by MRC faculty in a very comfortable class room environment also create interest in students towards studies.

Batch Re-shuffling test create competition amongst the students by this students eager to perform well so that they get enter into best batch.

Mitesh Rathi Classes gives good environment for students to undergo self preparation followed by clarification of doubts by concerned faculties.

Library consists of wide collections of books. This gives wide exposure to different types of questions for competitive exams in additional to class room questions (CRQ), Package & Test Series.

Proper academic planning will cover all the topics in concerned subjects with proper explanation & practice.  
Discipline of the students in the class increases the level s of concentration & understanding with the concerned topic being discussed by the faculty.

To avoid the additional burden on the student towards their competitive examinations in additional to school.
Mitesh Rathi Classes has academic planning giving convenient time for students on regular basis & conducting fewer classes during their period of their school examinations. 

Due to proper academic planning results in completion of syllabus in appropriate time. So, selective topics highly important for competitive exams are revised to give more confidence.  
IPC batch students have additional classes & assignments covering higher level of questions to meet the standard to achieve rank below 100.

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